Ilirian Shima

Written by  Saturday, 24 August 2013 02:08

The sculptor.

I always had the impression that when the shapes emerged they were untamed, liberated.
They contained something that I was lacking, the sense o security and migrating force.
They wanted to reach something, somewhere and someone to meet.

They had prepared an important meeting.
The meeting took place in the temple of art.They new well what they were doing.
They knew very well that I would be passing by and perhaps flirt with an ancient goddess
as a classic lover.

Suddenly, I find myself surroundet by shapes as witnesses.
I knew it was a ritual, the mystery of baptism.
I was then baptised and ordained a sculptor.

I was reborn. For the first time I left their power penetrate
in my up to now exhausted existence.

I heard they voice.
I felt safe, I realised my energy.
I understood the Light and Shadow.
I understood shading.

And this was the first contact with myself.


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